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ISO Shipping Containers

We manufacturer sturdy and reliable shipping containers that keep the cargo safe while with standing extreme marine environments. Manufactured as per international standards, the ISO Shipping Containers can be stacked uniformly and meet the space and durability requirements effectively.

ISO Tank Containers

Made of high grade rust resistant steel and manufactured as per ISO standards, the ISO Tank Containers are reliable and ideal for transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, gases and powders.

Containerised Bodies

A comprehensive range of Containerised Bodies that increase productivity, effectively ease transportation and prevent cargo loading/unloading and handling hassles.

Cargo Handling Units

Optimised designing DNV 2.7-1 approved of Cargo Handling Units for off store application.

Fuel & Water Tanks

Made of high-end materials, the fuel and water tanks can hold gallons of products with ease. The sturdy body textures can protect the load even at the extremes of temperature with 0% leakage.

Porta Cabin & Site Offices

Luxurious portable cabins and offices with a mark of corporate standards. Perfect as temporary hubs and on-site offices, companies can carry on with their regular schedules and events outdoor in these offices.